January 10, 2022

[GIST] BREAKING: Gunmen Enforce IPOB’s Sit-At-Home Order In Enugu, Set Vehicles On Fire

[GIST] BREAKING: Gunmen Enforce IPOB’s Sit-At-Home Order In Enugu, Set Vehicles On Fire

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Some unknown gunmen on Monday in Enugu State enforced the weekly ‘Sit-At-Home Order’ which the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) had cancelled. 
Vehicles were reportedly set on fire and the gunmen shot sporadically before dispersing road users in some parts of the state capital.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, had in November 2021, said that it cancelled Monday’s sit-at-home order and that anyone or group enforcing it must be treated as criminals.
They advised people to ignore anybody enforcing non-existent Monday sit-at- home order and go about their normal business because “such person(s) are working for our enemies and their intention is to blackmail IPOB and set the movement against the people but they won’t succeed.”
It was learnt that the gunmen who showed up around 9am drove in an ash-coloured Toyota Sienna car, disrupting vehicular movements at Topland, Amechi Road, Mayor Bus-Stop on Agbani Road within the Enugu South Local Government Area.
It was learnt that many motorists and traders at the Ogbete Main Market were seriously injured following the stampede, which they said erupted at Old Park around 9am while several vehicles were damaged as a result of the log jam the incident created. 
A source said “The gunmen came suddenly and started shooting into the air. They said they’re enforcing the sit-at-home and burnt a vehicle and a keke that was on the road.”
Two persons were allegedly lost their lives on Agbani Road, Enugu during the incident.
The gunmen were also reported to have stormed NOWAS Junction in the Trans- Ekulu Area of Enugu East Local Government, forcing people to run for their lives.
It was also alleged that the gunmen fired shots at some areas, which includes the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Ogbette Main Market area, Naira Triangle, Thinkers Corner, Garki Awkunanaw and others.

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[GIST] Nigeria Embassy In UAE Confirms, Apologises To Nigerians Over Problems With Work Permits, Passport Renewals

[GIST] Nigeria Embassy In UAE Confirms, Apologises To Nigerians Over Problems With Work Permits, Passport Renewals

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The Nigerian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates has admitted that Nigerians have issues with their work permits and passport renewals in the country.

The Take-It-Back Movement which stated this in its release on Monday noted that it recorded another victory in its fight against the non-renewal of work permits for Nigerians living in the UAE by submitting a petition to the embassy.

In a statement signed by the group's Director of Mobilisations, Gbola Owoborode and Director of Political Affairs, Sanyaolu Juwon, the group said its efforts at getting the intervention of the Nigeria embassy officials in putting an end to the suffering of Nigerians living in the country has paid off to an extent.

Recall that last week, the group condemned the refusal of the government of the United Arab Emirates to renew work permits for Nigerians in the country.

In a statement by Chidi Nwanyanwu, its spokesman, the movement said the obnoxious policy had left many Nigerians in pathetic conditions, adding that some of them had already lost their jobs.

The group also slammed the Nigerian consular in the UAE for attacking those attempting to bring the matter to its attention instead of addressing the situation. See Also Jobs Hundreds Of Nigerians In UAE Being Denied Renewal Of Work Permits – Take-It-Back Movement Demands Buhari Government’s Intervention

Giving an update on Monday, TIB said it intensified pressure by instructing one of its lawyers, Tope Temokun, to draft a petition which was submitted at the Nigerian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The group said some of its members subsequently met with the Nigerian ambassador, Mohammed Dansatta Rimi, as well as other cabinet members of the Embassy, after which the officials acknowledged the problem, apologised and promised to do something about it.

The TIB said, “Recall that the TIB had issued a statement calling on the Nigerian government through its embassy to intervene in the above stated matter which have lingered unattended to, denied and completely ignored since June, 2021.

“Subsequent to the release of the well broadcasted statement of the TIB that has attracted the attention of the Nigerian Consulate in the UAE, the leadership of the Take It Back Movement intensified pressure by instructing Barr. Tope Temokun, one of its astute lawyers in the legal department to draft a petition which was submitted today at the Nigerian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

“The petitions were also simultaneously submitted today at the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora commission, both in Abuja.

“Meanwhile, upon submitting the petition at the Nigerian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the Nigerian Ambassador, Mohammed Dansatta Rimi, as well as other cabinet members of the Embassy, met with our comrades in a discussion that lasted for two hours, acknowledged the problem, apologised and promised to do something about it. This was the same embassy that had been denying this ugly incident since June, 2021.

“While we will definitely not take their word for it but continue to intensify pressures, we want to seize this moment to reiterate that indeed, when we fight, we may win, but if we don't, we have already lost.”


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[GIST] The Rule Of Lawlessness, By Owei Lakemfa

[GIST] The Rule Of Lawlessness, By Owei Lakemfa

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I woke up on Sunday, January 9, 2022 hoping to spend a restful day. But a video popped up on my phone. Two radical youths, Kunle ‘Wiseman’ Ajayi and Banwo ‘Proficience’ Oladokun had been ‘captured’ by the Nigeria Police Force. As the victorious policemen conveyed their trophies in a bus, the courageous youths shouted their names, displayed injuries and complained they had been brutalized. As Oladokun showed his injured wrist, the phone was apparently snatched. The issue is not whether the police can effect arrest, but the process must not necessarily be brutal leading to unnecessary injuries or death.


On Boxing Day, December 26, 2021, the police decided to question a politician, Uche Nwosu on an issue. In civilised climes, an invitation would simply have been extended to him. Rather, the police waited for him to go to a crowded church, St Peter’s Anglican Church, Eziama-Obaire, Nkwerre Local Government, Imo State. While the service was going on, hooded policemen, shooting several bullets, invaded the church. The congregation including children, the elderly and officiating priests ran for dear lives. The invaders then abducted and dragged him into their waiting vehicles and sped off. Nwosu himself thought his abductors who partially stripped him and put a foot on his head, were assassins. He must have felt a little relief when he found out that they were policemen. But who says policemen cannot be assassins? Perhaps what saved him was that the video of his abduction went viral. As it turned out, all the police wanted was to question him about insecurity in Imo State where he was the gubernatorial candidate of the Action Alliance, AA in the 2019 elections. So, is there no lawful, constitutional and civilized way of inviting a person of interest or arresting him? Also, what sense did it make to use such amount of force including shooting in a crowded place? Are the police and the government so insensitive that they do not realise that invading a church premises full of worshippers can trigger a religious crisis in an increasingly intolerant polity?


It should be pointed out that the gangster method of police arresting Nigerians is not limited to civilians. They also practise it against their own including officers. On Monday, July 6, 2020 the then Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFFC Ibrahim Magu, a Commissioner of Police, was on the street leading to his office. As the then anti-corruption Czar of the country, he had a complement of armed security. Suddenly, a vehicle blocked his convoy. A shootout might have occurred had Magu’s team not recognised their fellow policemen. Even at that, a shouting match took place before Magu agreed to go with the arresting team. As it turned out, a Presidential Investigation Panel headed by Justice Ayo Salami was sitting at the Presidential Villa and Magu was required to face it. All that was required was for him to be invited or summoned. On the other hand, a signal could have been sent to Magu’s boss, the Inspector General of Police asking him to report to the police headquarters.


One of the most bizarre and lawless cases of citizen’s arrest occurred in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa on July 11, 2020. It was during a nationwide Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Mr Sabiu Yusuf, President Muhammadu Buhari’s nephew and Personal Assistant allegedly broke the lockdown order by travelling to Lagos.


The First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari thought that her in-law should go into a 14-day self-isolation ostensibly to save the President, his family and aides from contacting the virus. When it did not seem this would happen, she decided to take action by arresting Mr Yusuf. 


Mrs Buhari, her three children, Zahra, Halima and Yusuf and some of her security aides, led by her Aide-de-Camp, ADC Usman Shugaba, stormed Yusuf’s residence, House 8 of the President’s guests houses by the Pilot Gate of the Presidential Villa. In the process, gunshots were fired and but Mr. Yusuf was able to escape capture. The Presidential Villa is usually a busy place, shooting in such a security zone and the possibility of stray bullets hitting passers-by, could not be ruled out. The President’s wife might have had good intentions, but taking the law into her hands was not lawful. However, Mrs Buhari, rather than be remorseful, felt justified. Twenty four hours later, she released a series of tweets: “That Covid-19 is real and still very much around in our nation is not in doubt. Consequently, I call on all relevant Government Agencies to enforce the Quarantine Act signed by Mr President and ensure no one is found violating this law and the NCDC guidelines especially on interstate travel without the necessary exemptions for movement of essentials. Anyone who does that should at the very least be made to undergo a 14-day mandatory isolation no matter who the person is. No one should be above the law and the Police command will do well to remember that.” She then demanded that the police release her aides who were arrested over the invasion.


 It is accepted that no Nigerian has immunity except those specified by the constitution which are the President, Vice President, Governors and Deputy Governors. Save for these, anybody can be invited by the police or subjected to citizen’s arrest. However, this has to be done in accordance with the law and the constitution. For instance, to brutalize or torture a Nigerian in the name of effecting an arrest, is criminal. One of the lessons the EndSARS protest taught Nigerians is that all citizens have fundamental rights to dignity of their person and life.


Unfortunately and perhaps due to three decades of military misrule, our security operatives in many cases, act in lawlessness manners just as thugs and touts would in the streets.


Every law is as good as the process of its enactment, implementation and enforcement; enforcing a law in an unlawful manner is criminal. Our constitution for instance assumes a person innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction.


 For instance, our laws prescribe the death sentence for armed robbery. But even if an armed robber is caught in the act, it will be criminal for jungle justice to be meted out or for the police to ‘waste’ him; that will be extra judicial, and therefore criminal. 


A starting point of reform might be for all to abide by the Nigeria Police Act 2020 which directs in Section 37 that : “A suspect be accorded humane treatment, having regard to his right to the dignity of his person, and not be subjected to any form of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.” To do otherwise, is to subject the country to the rule of the lawless.

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[GIST] South-West Outfit, Amotekun Arrests Man, Daughter Conveying Fresh Human Parts In Osun

[GIST] South-West Outfit, Amotekun Arrests Man, Daughter Conveying Fresh Human Parts In Osun

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Operatives of the Osun State Security Network codenamed Amotekun have arrested a 35-year-old man, Ganiyu Wasiu, and his 21-year-old daughter, Muizzat Wasiu after they were caught with fresh human parts.
The Field Commandant of Amotekun, Comrade Amitolu Shittu confirmed the arrest to newsmen.

File photo used to illustrate story.
According to him, the man and his daughter were arrested at the Oke-Fia area of Igege Town in the Olaoluwa Local Government Area when they were conveying the mutilated human parts in a Ghana-Must-Go bag.
Ganiyu who was almost lynched by a mob claimed that he was set up by her daughter’s husband.
“Seven more suspects were arrested in Iwo town in connection with the fresh human parts. The identity of the corpse is yet to be known. We arrested Lawal Ibraheem (25), Adiatu Rufus (19), Fatola Niyi (45), Eniola Akeem (42), Chief Amusan (64), Alaba Oyeniran (31) and Oyekola Ibraheem(20)," Amitolu said.
The commandant further noted that all the suspects have been handed over to the Department of State Service (DSS) for further investigation.

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[GIST] Group Condemns Illegal Arrest, Detention Of Nigerians By Military, Police

[GIST] Group Condemns Illegal Arrest, Detention Of Nigerians By Military, Police

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The Peoples Alternative Political Movement has condemned the arrest and detention of some innocent Nigerians by security operatives.

TPAM in a statement by Comrades Omotoye Olorode and Jaye Gaskia listed some Nigerians in detention at Alausa Police Station, Lagos State, Bonny Camp and NNS Pathfinder in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

File photo used to illustrate story.

The statement read, “The Peoples Alternative Political Movement is worried to note that the Nigeria Police Force and the armed forces have continued to arrest and detain Nigerian people on flimsy grounds in spite of the fundamental right of citizens to personal liberty guaranteed by Section 35 of the Nigerian constitution and Article 6 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights Act.

“The TPAM has confirmed the illegal detention of the citizens listed below in police and military detention facilities: Kunle Ajayi and Banwo Oladokun. Arrested: January 8, 2022. Location: Alausa Police Station Allegation: No offence disclosed

“Petty officer Abubakar Jibrin
Arrested :- 29 Nov 2020.
 Location:- NNS Pathfinder, Port Harcourt, River State. Allegation: No offence disclosed

“Odunayo Obisanya, Obafemi Philip, Solomon Oguntuga. Arrested: 29, November, 2021. Location: Bonny Camp, Victoria Island Lagos Allegation: No offence disclosed.

“TPAM demands the immediate and unconditional release of the above mentioned citizens without any further delay. 

"We call that sanctions be meted out to the police and military officers who ordered the arrest and detention of the detainees.”

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