May 16, 2023

   Is RSL Hulls Changing The Narratives In The Logistics Industry In Africa?

Is RSL Hulls Changing The Narratives In The Logistics Industry In Africa?


It was Sun Tzu who said, "The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” - Yes, he was right in his assertion, as some of the factors that keeps every logistic company going is it energy in changing the logistics and service industry clockwise.

For most leading logistics service providers in Nigeria, their overall goal is to sense how they can dispatch items for their customers. With RSL Hulls, your comfortability starts the very moment you choose to use the company. You can sit at home and transport anything anywhere seamlessly with so much affordability.

RSL Hulls is a logistics company with the poise to redefine the narratives. With office situated in the heart of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the company has set aside principles that keep them in terms of clients. RSL hulls dynamically bring together all the parties of the logistics chain. You can rely on RSL Hulls to deliver your items safely and swiftly; no wonder it is rated as one of the best Logistics service providers in Nigeria.

"For us, we are focused on swift and safe service delivery. Deliverables are the centrepiece of our concentration. We have looked into the existing issues bedrocking the logistics industry, and we are gradually changing some of those conventional narratives. We protect our Client's needs," Frank Ogan, CEO of RSL Hulls muses.

"You can see that we have automated all our activities. You can use our app in real time in navigating every stage until your goods are delivered at its destination. We have put a lot of mechanisms in place, so you don't have to stress through anything. It is indeed seamless, and we keep upgrading our system to satisfy your needs," Mr. Frank concluded

August 14, 2022

“We Killed DPO Because He Arrest Our Members And Preventing" Us From Operating" - Bandits Confess

“We Killed DPO Because He Arrest Our Members And Preventing" Us From Operating" - Bandits Confess


The Bauchi State Police Command have arrested four members of a notorious bandit group, who confessed to having killed a former police DPO of the Tafawa Balewa Division, CSP Garkuwa.

The Bandits also confessed to taking parts in different killings, kidnappings and armed robbery incidents in Bauchi. According to the report from Nigerian Tribune, the bandits killed a serving member of the Bauchi State House Of Assembly, afterwhich they abducted 3 of his family members.

While confessing to their crimes, one of the suspects said, 

“It was all of us that hated the DPO. When he was the DPO of Tafawa Balewa Police Station, he was always giving us a tough time. He was arresting our members and preventing us from Operating in that area”.

Source: ArewaLimited.Com.Ng

June 1, 2022

DJ Kelblizz gets into Global  Electronic Dance Music with Driven Purpose

DJ Kelblizz gets into Global Electronic Dance Music with Driven Purpose

EDM has been making seamless waves, If you have turned on the radio, Stream gigs/live performances, watched TV, or attended a music festival in the last several years you have likely noticed DJs and producers creates a special audience and turn up the crowd, flooding the festival.

Miracle Sabastine Aggrey Professionally Known as DJ Kelblizz, is an American-Nigerian Disc Jockey, Record Producer, Music Distributor, Publisher and the CEO of De Thrills Music.

DJ Kelblizz turned in three shows with massive impression from audience but EDM have out the highest Crowd Turn up for his Gig which quickly got his fans around talking about his tour.

Having been on Tour in Nigeria and the United States. DJ Kelblizz Brings to the audience on his experience.

Presently, EDM is often characterized by remixes and original sound mixes, produced by world-famous DJs like David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix and others, in addition to renowned EDM DJs such as Skrillex,Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Hardwell, Diplo, Marshmello and more.

DJ Kelblizz sets to drop new EDM Track soon, he  Joins world leading Artist to  Stride into Electronic Dance music (EDM), which is also known as dance music or club music.

DJ Kelblizz says EDM is a global genre made largely for music festivals, nightclubs and raves because it’s very addictive when played in music events with good sounds. EDM is generally produced for playback by DJs who creates selections of tracks, called a DJ mix, by segueing from one recording to another.

November 20, 2021

Creative Vixstory Launches ‘I Am Not My Trauma’

Creative Vixstory Launches ‘I Am Not My Trauma’

 Creative Vixstory Launches ‘I Am Not My Trauma’

An Emotive Factual Docu-Series Exploring What It Feels Like To Experience Racism In The USA and

'I Am Not My Trauma', available on YouTube: Tuesday 23rd November 2021

The ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ Factual docu-series is focused on changing the narrative on racism towards black people; changing the collective stories we tell ourselves, in order to facilitate the change, we want to see for ourselves. Using a shared interpretation of how racism works through lived experiences, ‘I Am Not My Trauma’, shines a lens on a diverse set of individuals with unique, yet parallel stories, told in both the USA and UK.

Racism is arguably a social construct with an age-long myriad of ‘issues’ that are intergenerational and nuanced; ‘I Am Not My Trauma’, aims to bring a deeper awareness to our ‘truths’ and what it feels like to experience trauma as a direct effect of racism. Moreover, inform what can be done with that knowledge and understanding, in order to create new norms that support and dismantle stereotypes, steeped in negative difference:

"We tapped into their honest truths. What or who inspired them? Most importantly, how do they get this far in life in the system that was never built with them in mind? The thing that we rarely see is what happens behind closed doors, the contributors at their most vulnerable, the hours of contemplation, the fear, joy and struggle that comes with being black. It was amazing to be a fly on the wall to get these moments of thought and the rapid excitement in moments of inspiration. A lot of people believe that being black does not come with a job of its own."

                                                                                                 ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ Spokesperson

With eight unique narratives, each film takes the viewer on a journey through compelling accounts that detail self-reflection and critical challenge. ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ depicts a no holds barred reality, with influence at its core. The authentic stories told are not in vain, they serve as a means to an end in the enduring quest to bring sustainable solutions to the fore.

Are we part of the solution or part of the problem when it comes to racism? ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ implores wider Society to start a reflective and frank conversation with self: Have my words and or actions either directly or indirectly affected black individuals? What is black trauma? What are the signs of black trauma? Have I caused and / or added to their trauma? How have I conducted myself in the past? How will I conduct myself in the future? What steps can I take as an individual to better implement strategies and processes that help and not hinder black individuals? We can all start there.

An absolute must-see, ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ brings a distinctive style and approach depicted through honest reflection, education, knowledge sharing and solution-based perspectives from the USA and UK. A collective intention that bridges the gap between international experiences, serving to illustrate, irrespective of one's birth nation, each race has a role to play in making the change towards racial equity... A small victory in the fight against racism.

 "One voice told through many stories"
                                                                  Victoria Osayanetin Oshodin

Media Contact: Victoria O. Oshodin 

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August 25, 2021

GEEP 2.0 is structured to effectively deliver soft loans and skills to unemployed citizens – minister

GEEP 2.0 is structured to effectively deliver soft loans and skills to unemployed citizens – minister

By Fakayejo Paul

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq has called on vulnerable Nigerians to “come forward and receive interest-free loans under the just launched Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme, GEEP 2.0.”

At the unveiling held at the International Conference Centre Abuja, on Tuesday, Sadiya Umar Farouq said that GEEP 2.0 is one of the National Social Investment Programmes established by the President Muhammadu-led administration to assist the skilled but unbanked vulnerable population.

According to Sadiya Umar Farouq; “GEEP targets the unbanked poor and vulnerable but skilled population that have always been left out on credit delivery programmes and is directed at providing soft and affordable loans to finance their businesses. The GEEP is innovatively targeted and delivered under three unique products”.

According to the minister, the products are; The TraderMoni which is for marginalized youth, MarketMoni which is for vulnerable women and the FarmerMoni which is specifically for rural farmers.

“The GEEP 2.0 is structured to effectively deliver soft loans and skills to a wide range of unemployed citizens including persons living with disability, marginalized women and unemployed youth amongst other vulnerable groups in our society,” the minister said.

Furthermore the minister emphasized that the program is expected to empower Nigerian farmers especially in the rural areas, deliver rapid scale-up of FarmerMoni to agroprenuership for increased agricultural produce, food security and job creation.

“MarketMoni targets the under-privileged and marginalized women in the communities while the TraderMoni aims to empower and uplift under-privileged and vulnerable youths, scavengers, market wheelbarrow pushers, orphans and youths with special needs.

“I call on all Nigerians who are specially targeted by the NSIP and indeed the GEEP to please take advantage of all that the programme offers so that the vision of Mr. President of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 2030 will unfailingly be accomplished,” the minister further remarked.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who was the Special Guest of Honour was represented by Senator Babafemi Ojudu, Special Assistant (Political matters) to President Buhari.

Senator Babafemi Ojudu, while delivering the keynote address of Vice President Osinbajo emphasized that the ministry of Humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development has the full backing of the presidency in its program formulation and implementation.

Other dignitaries present include Dr. Chris Ngige, Minister for labour; Yomi Dare, Minister for youths and sport; Pauline Tallen, Minister for Women Affairs; Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar, Minister for Environment; Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, Minister of State for Education; Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, Bashir Nura Alkali; the 37 focal persons from across the federation including the FCT; the NSIP team head, Umar Bindir; among others.

July 21, 2021

 [E-News] Obi Cubana Gives 5 million to 'Jaiye of Lagos records', they are set to host a reality show #Arewapublisize

[E-News] Obi Cubana Gives 5 million to 'Jaiye of Lagos records', they are set to host a reality show #Arewapublisize

 [E-News] Obi Cubana Gives 5 million to 'Jaiye of Lagos records', they are set to host a reality show #Arewapublisize

Jaiye of Lagos Record label management weren't left out of the blessings Obi Cubana mother's death brought to nigeria. He gave them a whooping sum of 5 million naira to aid up their record label establishment and prior to that they will be using it to host a reality show and the grand price to be won is 5 million naira. 

TRENDING: 🔥Jaiye Of Lagos Entertainment - The newest Record Label In Lagos looking for talented artists to sign

[E-News] Obi Cubana Gives 5 million to 'Jaiye of Lagos records', they are set to host a reality show #Arewapublisize

 Jaiye of Lagos record label, we know was launched in may 2021 and screening of artists is still on going, with the recent blessings from Obi Cubana, this is a big start. The reality show will be hosted and voting will be through their website. 

[E-News] Obi Cubana Gives 5 million to 'Jaiye of Lagos records', they are set to host a reality show #Arewapublisize

  The CEO, jaiye of lagos made this money collection known as he showered blessings on obi cubana, said he is a good man and God will give him more mothers to comfort him of the loss. Last week was a trend, as obi cubana shut down Anambra state with his crew to celebrate the death of his mum, a death which was a celebration, because she was above 70, that is a life well spent.

 On returning to Lagos, the CEO, jaiye of lagos records went to greet him and was rocked with a whooping sum of 5 million naira.

[E-News] Obi Cubana Gives 5 million to 'Jaiye of Lagos records', they are set to host a reality show #Arewapublisize

 Details for the reality show, stages, judges, how to participate, amount to be won, how to vote and more will be announced shortly from now, anticipate this life changing event that will be continuous as from now on. 

 If I was to be asked, I will say Jaiye of Lagos records are pulling up something that might become bigger that BBN naija, are you planning to participate? Plan well because details will soon be here!!!.