March 4, 2022

[GIST] BREAKING: Russia, Ukraine Agree To Ceasefire In ‘Designated Humanitarian Areas’

[GIST] BREAKING: Russia, Ukraine Agree To Ceasefire In ‘Designated Humanitarian Areas’

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The Ukrainian and Russian negotiators who are meeting for the second time in Belarus have agreed that the two sides should provide for a number of humanitarian issues.
The understanding involves a temporary cease-fire to allow the evacuation of citizens and the delivery of aid to areas where fierce fighting has been taking place.

The Ukrainian negotiator said that the second round of cease-fire talks had not yielded the results Kyiv hoped for, but the sides had agreed to speak again.
"To our great regret, we did not get the results we were counting on," Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said.
According to Belarusian news agency Belta, Podolyak said a third round of talks will take place at the beginning of next week.
Podolyak said cease-fires would only take place in designated humanitarian corridor areas.
Russian President Vladimir Putin also said his military had agreed to the corridors.
Although Ukraine expressed disappointment about the second round of talks, Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky claimed the negotiations yielded "substantial progress."
"The main issue we decided on today was the issue of saving people, civilians, who are in the zone of military clashes," Medinsky said.
"Russia calls on civilians who find themselves in this situation, if military actions continue, to use these humanitarian corridors."
Russian negotiator Leonid Slutsky said the agreements in the second round of talks will be "implemented in the near future."

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